Welcome to the Japan Wetland Society!

~Toward a Comprehensive and Interdisciplinary
Research on Wetlands~

In September 2008, the Japan Wetland Society was newly launched as the initiative of a wide variety of individuals from universities, governmental institutions, NGOs/NPOs, private companies, etc. involved in wetland conservation and management activities, both locally and internationally. It was then followed by the first annual meeting organized in September 2009.

This society does not limit its scope to natural sciences such as ecology, biology, chemistry, or hydrology; it may also deal with economics, politics, sociology, anthropology, education, development studies, or any other relevant field, as long as it is related to wetlands. In addition, the members are not restricted to university researchers or students; any group or individual interested in studying wetlands are welcome to join.

Our definition of “wetland” is broad, including diverse types of ecosystems such as lakes and rivers, swamps and marshes, peatlands, underground aquifers, deltas and tidal flats, estuaries, mangroves and coastal areas, coral reefs, and manmade ecosystems such as rice paddies and reservoirs.

The target of our research involves not only plants and wildlife that inhabit wetlands, but also approaches for conservation, management, restoration, and wise use. Wetland related culture and/or history can also serve as a study topic.

Unfortunately, wetlands have tended to have a reputation as peculiar environments with uncommon wildlife species, or as areas that have little use and are difficult for people to access. However, recent research highlights wetlands’ huge potential to contribute to water/aquatic resource conservation and food security, carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation/adaptation, natural disaster control, and promotion of cultural activities,to name just a few.

The aim of the Japan Wetland Society is to contribute to the development of wetland related research based on a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, as stated above. We look forward to working with you for a better future for humans and wetlands.

Dr. Tatsuichi Tsujii,
The 1st President of the Japan Wetland Society

<Annual Meetings>

The Japan Wetland Society organizes an annual meeting for the purpose of presenting/discussing the latest wetland related research outcomes, and promoting communication/networking among wetland researchers and practitioners. The past annual meetings have been held not only in Tokyo but also in a variety of locations throughout Japan, including Hokkaido (Sapporo City), Ishikawa (Kaga City), and Saga (Takeo City). The 8th Annual Meeting is to be held in Shimane (Matsue City) 27‒28 August 2016.

Links for the 8th Annual Meeting in 2016:

Links to the reports of the past annual meetings:

<Publication of “Wetland Research”>

An interdisciplinary journal, “Wetland Research”, has been published every year since 2010, in which researchers and practitioners present various wetland related articles from different academic backgrounds and perspectives. Though volumes 1-6 were written in Japanese with English abstracts, publication of the first journal fully written in English is planned for the end of the fiscal year 2016.
Links to the table of contents of past journals:


President: Yukihiro Shimatani (Kyushu University)
Vice President: Motokazu Ando (Yamazaki Gakuen University)
Yoshihiro Natori (Wetlands International Japan)
Secretary General: Katsumi Ushiyama (Miyajimanuma Waterbird & Wetlands Center)
*In addition, the Board of Directors consists of ten directors in charge of general affairs, finance, planning, research, editing, public relations, and international exchange.

How to Become a Member

If you are interested in joining the Japan Wetland Society, please fill out the application form and send it by email, fax, or mail to the following contact address.

<Annual Membership Fee>

*Regular and student membership fee includes one-year subscription of “Wetland Research” (=Journal of the Japan Wetland Society).
•Regular member (individual): 6,000 yen
•Student member: 3,000 yen


Secretariat of the Japan Wetland Society
Tel: 0126-66-5066
Fax: 0126-66-5067
E-mail:info(a)j-wetlands.jp ※Please replace (a) with @.
Address: Miyajimanuma Waterbird & Wetlands Center
3rd Block, Oomagari, Nishi-Bibai-cho, Bibai-shi, Hokkaido, Japan 072-0057